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For some reason, I am demonstrating that scheme ~= JS here.

To open the developer tool console:

then try these

NOTE: None of this code runs through a custom interpreter or parser, this is done entirely with the JS parser. This is valid JavaScript, it just looks an awful lot like scheme.

with (scheme) conjure (... some code) start conjuring scheme code
(define `variableName` (value)) define something as having a value. In the parentheses, anything can go.
(define `variableName`, value)) alternate spelling
(log `variableName` (value)) log a message and a value. In the parentheses, anything can go, including function calls
(log `log message`, value) alternate spelling
(lambda `arg1 arg2 argn` (fn, arg1, arg2, argn)) create an anonymous function
(lambda `arg1 arg2 argn` (fn (arg1, arg2, argn))) create an anonymous function (alternate spelling)
(cond (testFn) (consequentFn) (alternateFn)) conditional statement